We are creating ourselves every second of every day. With every one of the thousands of choices we make each day, with every thought and feeling we have, with every new cell that is created, we are determining our future. No matter who you think you are and where you have been, research is showing now more than ever, the power we have over our own happiness, health, and success in life. No longer relegated to wishful thinking or fairy tales, there are evidence-based techniques and a growing body of research acknowledging we are truly the masters of our own lives.

As a hypnotist with a scientific education and background, I will help guide you to improve your life through various techniques combined with a base of knowledge about your ability to change in order to train your mind, heart and body to gain both conscious and unconscious level changes. These changes are designed to help you feel greater peace, freedom, happiness, vitality and empowerment. These changes can include: transformational thinking, goal setting, accountability, motivational techniques, self-regulation and deep relaxation.

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